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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 21, 2012 11:30pm-12:29am PST

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save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. it's the night before thanksgiving, with college students home for the holiday, police are gearing up for what's called black out wednesday. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. police tell us, thanksgiving eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. some refer to it as blackout wednesday. some officials say it is second only to new years for drunk driving violations. leave in petaluma, he found
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college students getting together for cocktails, and police getting together for a busy night. >> reporter: you can see behind me on this blackout wednesday, people are already out having a good time. we have a long ways to go. police are just hoping people don't party too much. >> these college age women are home for thanksgiving and are catching out over a drink called a swamp water. >> just back in town and hanging out. >> just a good feeling to come home. petaluma is a good town to come home to. >> the bars are just packed. i don't know why everyone wants to drink so much a night before eating a bunch of turkey. >> reporter: sometimes, the celebrations go too far. this was the scene two years ago. >> we had problems with bars overserving. young people, fights. you know, dui's. >> reporter: extra officers will be on the street tonight. police met with bar owners last week to make sure things don't
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spin out of control. >> once i get around 150, i'll close the doors up. kind of wait around the block there. >> will there be a line tonight? >> there will definitely be a line tonight. >> usually, i work the day shift. i'm working late tonight. >> we notified surrounding agencies, if there is an emergency, we will be put owling a caught for assistance. >> reporter: even at the old style italian restaurant expect to see a surge in customers tonight. the all good for businesses downtown. police are hoping that's all the business they have to worry about. live in petaluma, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. firefighters in oakland are investigating the cause of a one alarm fire that damaged a home this evening. the flames broke out in a two story house in the 600 block of
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kenman road. the battalion chief told us it only took about 15 minutes to get the fire under control. he thinks the fire may have started on the first floor. no one was at home at the time. and there were no injuries. we have new information tonight about an oakland man who fell to his death in an old water filled quarry while he was out looking for his cat in the pouring rain last night. ktvu's amber lee is live off of pleasant valley road, just off the rockridge shopping center, where she talked to the victim's neighbors. >> reporter: the victim lives in one of the townhomes on the ridge. neighborhoods tell us, barbed wire surrounds the quarry. it's worked well to keep people out of the quarry until last night. using a flashlight, he looked for his beloved cat off the edge of the quarry.
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harris only found his flashlight near the fence. >> you see that tree right there, that little short one. >> reporter: and the missing cat sitting up in a tree. harris called 911. divers with alameda county sheriff's office eventually recovered a body. 30feet below the water's surface. harris suspects his neighbor slipped and fell into the quarry. >> a freak accident? >> absolutely. no question. >> reporter: other neighbors suspect he climbed the fence. they say claremont country club owning the old quarry and uses it with the golf course. >> this is the first accident like this. and it was an adult, not a child. >> reporter: others say, he was known for his devotion to his cat. >> i know he didn't intend to
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give his life for his animal, but that's what happened. we'll really miss him. >> reporter: neighbors say rescue crews arrived quickly and they're grateful for their help in finding him. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. truckers faced long delays today at the port of oakland, where operations were slow. port officials don't have any specifics about the economic impact about the one day strike. they do say the port generates $8 million in economic activity on an average day. a spokesman for the port says this is not an average week. >> we're talking a busy week in general because of the holiday shipping season, and we're facing a large harvest. numerous california agricultural products we're trying to get out to market. >> the longshoremen refused to cross the picket line yesterday
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by striking sieu workers. they tell us, they will stand in support of striking union workers. in six minutes, our ktvu investigation of spending at the port goes deeper. plus the one piece of the puzzle they don't want us to see. nearly a thousand workers at los angeles international airport staged a walk out today on one of the busiest travel days of the year. they blocked the main entry to the airport for nearly two hours. they're protesting what they call unfair labor practices. 13 people were arrested, mostly for refusing to dispurse. for many people, the day before thanksgiving means rushing around, and getting all the needed ingredients. the roads were absolutely jam packed with people traveling,
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or running last minute errands. noel walker found big crowds. >> reporter: as you might have guessed, turkeys are the hot item here tonight. those fresh turkeys, because you don't have time to defrost these. we caught up with a few people who got caught up in the last minute rush. there is nothing that says thanksgiving eve like smooth jazz, and hot pizza. >> big day, our biggest. >> reporter: a wild mushroom pre- turkey day special had people lined up around the block. who wants to cook the night before they spend the day cooking? >> i was planning for turkey, and i kind of forget to buy any grocies for the rest of the week. >> reporter: here she is in the
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pizza holiday rush. aaa predicts 90% of all holiday travelers are going by car. but the traffic isn't confined to the freeway, it's clogging grocery store parking lots too. >> it's been very, very busy. >> reporter: so busy, andronica's in berkely has traffic attendants. >> get them in and out as quickly as possible. >> reporter: there are more than a few things on the last minute lists. >> milk, decaf coffee, fruit, carrots with tops. they n't have any with tops. >> reporter: and sugar to sweeten the blow. >> you left yourself a lot of time to do this. >> yeah, i'm going to sleep in tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm headed home to
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start baking. happy thanksgiving everybody. more details now, gas prices are down for the holiday getaway. according to aaa, the average in california, for a gallon of gas today is $3.77. that is down 65 cents from a month ago. but just about where prices were last thanksgiving. aaa expects the tries of gas to continue to fall by the end of the year. lined up, and ready to shop. tonight at 10:30, the growing lines outside some bay area stores, and why these shoppers say it's worth it to spend thanksgiving in line. at san francisco's glide memorial church tonight, volunteers are getting ready for a major feast tomorrow with thousands expected to get a thanksgiving meal. >> over 5,000 people that will be served, that's wonderful. going to be a lot of prep work. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee dropped by the church's kitchen tonight to thank the volunteers. spoke with the reverend and his wife janet. volunteers say they're preparing more than 200 hams, and 500 turkeys. a bankruptcy judge has
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given hostess brands permission to liquidate its assets. some 18,000 workers could lose their jobs. a judge approved winding down operations. hostess has been unable to reach a new contract with its bakers union. popular brand names including twinkies and wonder bread could raise more than $2 billion. wall street headed up. the modest gains came after the word of a cease-fire in gaza. hewlett-packard's stunning claim about being a victim of a massive fraud is now the subject of an fbi investigation. hp said it was tricked into overpaying billions of dollars for a british software company called autonomy.
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it took an $8.8 billion writeoff to its bottom line as a result. facebook announced its users will no longer get to vote on it's own privacy. the company said the voting just isn't effective. however, it will let users comment on proposed changes to its privacy policy. >> a theory of cockroaches, you rest assure, there's a thousand underneath that wall.
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in tonight's special report, tens of thousands of dollars of public money spent on gifts, entertainment, and posh hotels. a troubling picture of how business is done at the port of oakland. tonight, our ktvu investigation uncovers even more questionable expansions. eric rasmussen asks, who's keeping tabs? >> reporter: watches, perfume, bracelets, godiva chocolate, and special blended scotch whiskey. some of the items he claims he gave to international customers as gifts. we went through stacks of receipts that turned out to be
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from department stores, and five star department stores in china and korea, for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. the port of oakland reimbursed kwan for every penny. just as it did for five years for expenses. >> somebody is asleep at the wheel. >> reporter: kelly is the faculty director for the center of responsible business at uc berkely. we first reached out to her, after discovering kwan and the port's director omar benjamin spent more than $400. benjamin abruptly retired in the wake of our first report. the attorney for james kwan said his client did not take part in any adult entertainment. he also defended kwan's expansions as a public use of
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money to oversea expenses which invested $30 million in new cranes at the port in 2010. digging into the expenses of other port officials led us to cafe juliette. the port's marketing manger was reimbursed for american $500 at this private room karaoke bar, that neighbors suspect is a front for prostitution. the totality of the issues at the port go far beyond any one employee and expansion, and point to a deep rooted problem. >> i work with a thousand businesses who would allow these things to come in, the minute a receipt comes in, that was questionable, the spender would be held accountable. >> reporter: she says the buck stops with the port of oakland's board of commissioners. >> i struggled with the city council to get a stronger port commission. i felt that the commission needed people with more oversight skiles. >> reporter: mayor jean quan is
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responsible for six of the port's seven commissioners. the mayor pointed to the board when we asked her about the many questionable expenses. >> i'm trusting that the newport commissions that i've reported will take care of this and change the culture. >> reporter: perhaps just as troubling are the expenses the port of oakland has not shared with the public. it has refused to release an internal audit completed months ago. it identifies as many as 11 port employees and more than $200,000 in questionable spending in travel on other expansions. >> it's a theory of cockroaches. if you find one, you rest assure there's a thousand underneath that wall who will eventually come out. it kind of reminds me of this story. it's not just one rogue receipt or questionable charge. they're pretty probably questionable and multiple. >> reporter: the first step is to punish those responsible and
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chart a new course toward accountability. eric rasmussen, channel 2 news. >> the seven port commissioners reside over an open ration that took in $311 million in revenue last year. after paying their debt, the commissioners returned $14 million to the city of oakland. in all, port officials say $9.2 billion is pumped into the bay economy each year by its operations. critics suggest a mismanaged port can have a very negative effect on the entire bay area. we have developing news out of oakland at this hour. it appears people inside two cars were shooting at each other on highway 580 near seminary. the chp shut down all westbound lanes. officers found two cars riddled with bullet holes at the scene. so far, none of the occupants of the cars have been found.
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at this point, officers don't know when they will reopen the freeway. a second san francisco sheriff deputy is now facing criminal charges. the charges stem from a confrontation last month. the attorney for deputy green says she tried to intervene in a dispute with her sister. her attorney says she didn't do anything wrong. >> she had a weapon. she's entitled to have a weapon legally. she didn't misuse it. she didn't brandish it. she didn't threaten anybody. >> green is currently assigned to administrative duty. in a completely separate case, another deputy is accused of robbing a bank earlier this month. a search is underway for a man who robbed two foothill college students earlier this week. these are two sketches of the same man. he is described as a black man,
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18 to 20. and 5'10". on monday morning, that man pointed a black semi automatic weapon at two students, demanded their personal belongings and then ran away. a worker at disneyland is recovering after sliding down 20 feet from the roof of the space mountain ride. the anaheim fire marshal says the worker's harness came loose, sending him sliding down the roof, and right into the barricade. he broke his leg, clavicle, and ribs. cal osha is investigating. a third person has died from accidently eating poisonous mushrooms. a caretaker had picked the mushrooms in the backyard, apparently not realizing they were poisonous, and then used them to make soup. the latest victim was a 90-year-
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old. three other people got sick. it's cooling off out there and the fog is going to form. i'm not seeing fog yet, but what i am seeing is dew points in this range. the temperature in santa rosa, 44. the overnight low is forecast to get down to 40 in napa. 43 in vallejo. we're going to see plenty of valley fog tomorrow morning. not coastal fog. that impacts your getaway, or travel for thanksgiving. think about that in the morning hours. other than that, your weekend looks good. as we get into tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s. by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are easily into the mid-60s. a nice looking thanksgiving day. when i come back, the computer model, looking at fog and the rest of your holiday week an weekend. a graphic reminder tonight from the menlow park fire department if you plan to deep
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fry your turkey tomorrow. do not fill that pot with oil. if a fire does start, authorities say do not try to put water onto the frames. grease fires can often be controlled with baking powder. for more recommendations go to, and click on the bay area living section. a plea in the case of a burglary at steve jobs house. plus. >> several people have been camped out here for days at this best buy in san jose for black friday deals. what we didn't find is some of the biggest retailers that may surprise you. >> first, a suspect faces a hey, look! a shooting star!
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. a man appeared in a santa
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clara county courtroom today. it ended with a violent series of crimes involving one man dead and a police officer injured. robert honda tells us, the suspect's demeanor was is lot different today than it was last week when he was running from police. >> reporter: a shackled 26-year- old jonathan dawson wilbanks shuffled in to the courtroom this afternoon, rarely changing a somber expression. he was captured last night after police say he and another man went on an armed robbery crime spree, and later shot and killed 22-year-old rory petiford. wilbanks surrendered.
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he was charged with numerous accounts. >> that potentially is a life without the possibility of parole, or a death penalty charge. so there's not much more you can do to somebody after that. >> reporter: wilbanks did not speak in court. only a short comment when i asked him what he wanted to say. >> extremely remorseful. >> reporter: police say the public has responded to the department's plea this week for more help from the community. so far, it hasn't helped the investigation. >> no new leads, but they are fielding phone calls. >> reporter: wilbanks is scheduled to return to court to enter a plea. a 35-year-old pleaded no contest to burglarizing steve jobs palo alto home in august. after his arrest, mcfarland
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admitted to the burglary and taking ipods, ipads, computers, and a wallet containing the apple founder's driver's license. he also admitted to burglarizing seven other homes. he will be sentenced in january. apple's proposed spaceship headquarters won't be ready until 2016. the tech giant included the new timetable. appear the wanted to break ground in year, but the city may not include its environmental impact report until june. at&t has removed a restriction that kept some people with ipads and iphones from making face time video calls over its cellular network. this comes after consumer groups filed complaints. initially at&t had only allowed customers with shared data plans to use face time. now at&t will also allow people
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with older unlimited, or tiered plans to use that service. a cease-fire between israel, and hamas. the u.s. role in bringing both sides together, and a devastating attack, just this morning. >> also, protesters storm a bay area wal-mart. the message they send, and which stores they plan to target next. >> first, the reminder that you can get
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happening now, a line of people out a south bay store waiting for black friday. some of them have already been there for several days now. what's interesting is that at a lot of other stores where you might expect to find lines, there aren't any. ktvu's matt keller in san jose
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now to explain what's going on. >> reporter: frank, black friday deals actually start on friday here at best buy. 12:00a.m., to be exact. these people have been in line for several days, waiting for the best deal. the products may be different. >> xbox 360 hopefully. >> i want a new tv and a game system. >> reporter: be one of the first inside when best buy opens friday at midnight. >> save half a grand, maybe a grand. >> reporter: this group arrived last friday to be the first in line. >> why not a week? >> reporter: right across the lot, the only things lined up were shopping carts. josha was going to spend the night, but instead went back home. >> i was expecting to see a couple of big lines. not just one, going around the whole building. i was expecting a lot more than
12:01 am
what i see right now. >> reporter: we visited, or called several targets, toys "r" us 's and several had no line. some tell us, the deals aren't as good as last year. other retailers are facing a backlash for opening at midnight. including a petition telling target to give employees the day off. >> shopping tomorrow, absolutely not. >> reporter: jcpenney tweeted thanksgiving is for thanking, not shopping. wal-mart is staggering its door buster deals. they will hold two sales on thanksgiving night, and one on friday morning. reporting live in san jose. matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now on black friday shopping hours. both wal-mart and sears will be
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open at 8:00. the great mall in the new paragon outlets in livermore open at 10:00 p.m. best buy opens at midnight. some wal-mart shoppers got a surprise in east oakland this morning as a group of protesters marched through the store. >> about 20 parents, child care providers, and a minister took part in the march. part of a nationwide campaign for wal-mart to pay employees more. >> we deserve more. i believe wal-mart should pay us more, and can afford to pay us more. >> reporter: the wal-mart stores targeted are in fairfield, richmond, san leandro, and san jose. wal-mart says it will be business as usual at all of its stores. fremont police are trying to track down a married couple
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to return valuable belongings. just last night, police received this elaborate gold brief case. officers say it was found outside the kindercare childcare center. the front of the case reads like a wedding album. it says happy wedding 12-4- 2008. inside the case was full of wedding pictures. the coroner in contra costa county identified the woman who was killed in a horrible crash yesterday. she was ejected from her car when it collided with another car on interstate 80 near the willow avenue off ramp. after eight days of attacks and counterattacks. israel and palestine agreed to a cease-fire. >> reporter: a cease-fire and a feeling of relief on both sides
12:04 am
of the gaza/israeli border. with backing from the united states, the deal was brokered by egypt, and its new islamist president. >> this is a critical moment for the region. >> reporter: the united states promised additional military aid to pressure israel to accepting the cease-fire now. the israeli prime minister made it clear the ground invasion remains ready. >> but at this time, the right thing for the state of israel is to exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long term cease- fire. >> reporter: after eight days of tit for tat violence, there is little to celebrate. 161 palestinians, and 5 israelis were killed. the violence intensified before the truce waannounced.
12:05 am
in tel aviv a bomb blast injured two dozen israelis. >> we were sitting at home, and suddenly, there was the loud sound of a rocket, and all of our windows exploded. >> reporter: in gaza, a palestinian doctor rushed his child to the same hospital he works, but there was nothing anyone could do to save his 2- year-old son. >> at, get the latest from the middle east. illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. resigned today, affective immediately. in his resignation letter, jackson cited his ongoing treatment for bipolar disorder, and my share of mistakes. he is currently under investigation for possible financial misconduct. he is the son of the famous
12:06 am
civil rights leader jesse jackson. hikers panic, as a volcano erupted right before their eyes. why this volcano may look familiar to movie goers. the holiday forecast. we'll look at the weekend as we move forward. all the details back here
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demonstrators rallied outside of mi pueblo
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supermarket today, accusing them of voluntarily participating with the government's e-verify system. that works to identify undocumented workers. berkely police are trying to catch a burglar who breaks into commercial businesses to steal cigarettes. police release surveillance videos of that burglar. they say he steels cigarettes before slipping away. investigators say he is responsible for two burglaries, plus one attempted burglary plus similar smash and grabs in nearby cities. in syria, amateur video shows bombings in damascus by government warplanes. a pro government television station says the military has begun a campaign to cleanse the area of terrorists. that is the term that syria's president uses to describe the
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opposition. in afghanistan, two suicide bombers were killed at a check point in kabul near the main u.s. military headquarters, and also where several embassies are located. two afghan guards were also killed when they confronted the bombers. five civilians were wounded. afghan civilians say they were dressed in afghan uniforms. the taliban has claimed responsibility. in new zealand, hikers panicked as the volcano they were climbing started to erupt. what's interesting here, is that the volcano is located in a national park. it was actually used as a backdrop for scenes in the lord of the ring films. president obama pardoned two turkeys today in what has become annual thanksgiving event at the white house. the president, along with his daughters gave the relieve to
12:11 am
cobbler the turkey. an alternate named gobbler was also pardoned. >> they say that life is all about second chances. and this november, i could not agree more. >> the first family also continuedity own tradition by going to a washington food bank to hand out food to those in need. a lot of toothbrushes, toothpaste. >> lynn soto has a son serving in afghanistan. she started asking friends for items to create christmas care packages. the response is overwhelming. starting saturday, she plans to start filling the packages to send to the troops.
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decision time. the secretary the interior goes face-to-face with a family trying to
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part of ocean beach remains closed this hour. the san francisco puc says contaminated water burst through a man hole cover. it flooded the parking area and promenade, then spilled onto the sand and throwed into the ocean. officials say the pumping station was operating at full capacity, but that the rain simply overwhelmed the system. >> we have pretty large storage tanks along the highway.
12:15 am
storage tanks that go down 50 feet deep. even those were maxed out. >> they expect to get has been results back tomorrow regarding the water's quality, but it could be a week before the beach is reopened. the fate of a 70-year-old oyster farm is now in the ands of the federal government. environmental i wants say it poses a threat. >> clear, pulled water, and thousands of oysters. there's no chemical use whatsoever. it's clearly the best example we have anywhere of sustainable food production. >> owning drake's bay, oyster company. today, for the first time he hosted the secretary of the interior, ken salazar. >> i chose to come here today because of the importance of this issue. >> reporter: that lease expires
12:16 am
november 30. kevin says his business provides about 40% of the nation's oyster. he says if he loses his farm, a lot of people lose a lot more. some environmentalists say it's time to go. >> this is a wilderness area. >> reporter: sylvia earl also meat with secretary salazar today. earl was asking salazar to abide by the 1972 lease agreement with the national parks service. >> main problem now is you're changing the nature of this pristine area. with noise, with structures. >> it has major implications. that's why i'm spending the kind of time understanding all the dimensions of the decision before me. >> reporter: decision time in
12:17 am
drake's bay. both sides will know by the end of next week. a new study is raising questions about the value of routine mammograms. the researchers looked at government statistics for the last 30 years and found that roughly 1/3 of all tumors discovered in routine mammograms are unlikely to result in illness. they say many of these tumors are treated, which needlessly exposes women to the co, and trauma of treatment. they also say the increase in breast cancer survival rates is due mostly to improve therapies, not screenings. the study is published in the new england journal of medicine. the latest studies on abortion show a 5% decline. the largest drop in a decade. mississippi had the lowest abortion rate at 4 per 1,000
12:18 am
women of childbearing age. mississippi also has few abortion providers, and has the nation's highest teen birth rate. heavy rain last night. i've got four of the northern california doppler radars spinning right now. the rain has pretty much ended as you go into northern california. no green on the radar, but you do see the reno radar, the eureka radar, and the sacramento radar. showing clear, at least clearer in terms of rainfall. looking like we're going to see fog out there tonight. the valley fog is on the rise because of the wet conditions we've had. a lot of rain last night, up to an inch, to an inch and a half in some places. 121% of normal in san francisco. 63% in san jose. but the numbers are easily changed this early in the season. we'll be watching it this year. remember last year? way behind average. this year, it's important that we get a good pop. we're looking for valley fog to
12:19 am
reform, or to show up. you know the spot, if you're used to seeing it, out towards santa rosa, you know the spots. those places, antioch. you'll see some tomorrow morning. that's because the rain went through. the rain gets the ground wet. the nights are long. it's clear outside right now. the dew point is just a representative of how much moisture is in the air. the dew point is a temperature. the dew point temperature is somewhere around 42 degrees. temperatures tonight are going to hit 42 degrees. when they do, poof, fog forms. it forms in the low lying areas. you drop into a little low lying area, and all of a sudden your visibility is way down. maybe a few hundred feet at best. tomorrow morning, be ready for thick fog in these areas, especially toward the benicia area. south towards the modesto area, and stockton if you're traveling, i know a lot of you are. the weekend will be dominated by high pressure. it looks like a really nice weekend with temperatures getting into the 70s, as we
12:20 am
head into friday, perhaps. it shows up on the computer model, that's how you know it's going to be pretty pervasive. forecast highs tomorrow, not a bad day, right? it's november, the end of november, 67 in livermore. 69 in gilroy. as we head to friday and saturday, we could still see temperatures, temperatures top in the low 70s. a beautiful holiday week and a beautiful holiday weekend to follow. on the five day, no rain. but we can feel good about where we are right now. >> yeah, the weather worked out perfect this week. >> good timing, thank you bill. for those looking for something to do tomorrow that does not involve turkey, the 55th annual san francisco international auto show will be underway. visitors will have an opportunity to drive about 40 of those vehicles. the car show runs through monday. it costs $9 to get in.
12:21 am
children under 12 can go for free. at, we have posted more details about this year's auto show, just look for the web links section, under hot topics. key question here, after
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12:24 am
these giant balloons mean the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade is right around the corner. this year, 5,000 victims of superstorm sandy have been invited as guests. the weather in manhattan is expected to cooperate. with temperatures in the 50s, and clear skies.
12:25 am
mark is here now with sports. this whole thing with the 49ers quarterback is starting to get interesting. >> i think it is on now. call it a full blown quarterback controversy. however you want to carve it, dress it up. the 49ers announcing colin kaepernick is the starting quarterback this sunday. here's the key, according to a sports illustrated report, the decision is not based on the health of alex smith. as of now, he has not been cleared by doctors to play after he suffered that concussion. however, smith does have his wits about him clearly as he was asked earlier today about his relationship with kaepernick. >> if you can't be happy for your teammate's success, you're playing the wrong sport. go play tennis, or golf or something. that's ridiculous. it doesn't belong in team sports in my opinion. it's a quarterback position, it gets a will the of attention, we're going to get talked about, you know, but it's important that it doesn't come
12:26 am
in here. >> meantime, dare we say, warriors are hot. winning four out of their last five games. i think that institutes hotness. rocking at the oracle, just kind of like the old days, you can call it whatever you want. they're still the nets, although they play in brooklyn these days. steph will not be able to hit this shot. david lee, 10 points, 13 rebounds. five straight double double for lee. silky from three. he had 23 points tonight. here is the show stopper. curry down the lane, and make it go. that's worth taking another look at. scoop to the hoop. he had 25 points, as you'll see it again. 102-93 warriors. an extreme turn for the worse, concerning the condition
12:27 am
of former boxing champ hector macho camacho. he was expected to pull through. his condition took a bad turn overnight, and his heart in fact stopped once. his family is now expected to decide whether to remove him from life support. police do not have a suspect in custody, but they do report ten small bags of cocaine were found in the car camacho was sitting in, when he and a male companion were shot. it looks like the petaluma kid is headed for the bay. johnny gomez to the red sox, 2 years, $10 million. that 49er game, 1:00, saints here on channel 2 sunday. >> alex, putting team first, it's a tough situation. >> yeah, and he's handling it with a lot of grace and class. i might be ticked off if i were him right now.
12:28 am
he has reason to be. >> thank
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